A pair of stunning  picture frames, similar but different, c.1930's, created by well known Navajo artist Will Evans, framing original McKenney & Hall hand-colored lithographs, c.1837, by artist Charles Bird King, 23"h x 16"w,  Sold.








Cowboy painting  by Taos, New Mexico artist John Flores, c.1972, framed
   in a magnificent antique carved wood frame, c.1890, 27"h x 24"w  $3850.




Vintage folk-art Thunderbird totem pole, c.1930's, 36"w x 27"h, original excellent condition, $1650.






 Beautiful antique watercolor on silk artwork with intricate needlework & leather applique, c.1840's, framed in an incredible antique carved wood frame, 37"w x 30"h, $12500.




A pair of original artwork sporting magazine
illustrations, similar but different, of Indians night time torchlight
spear fishing in birch bark canoes, c.1930's, beautifully executed and
framed in a pair of antique Black Forest matching  carved walnut frames 
  27"w x 23"h. $1850.ea




Vintage folk-art totem pole set, c.1940's, tallest totem 32"h, 2 others 15"h, smallest one 11"h, original excellent condition, great color,  $2450.



Antique Tlinget totem pole, 24"h, c.1920's, Alder wood, hollow back, three figures, Raven, Bear & Beaver, $2150.



 Unique antique folk art totem 21"h, c. 1920's, carved & painted on solid heavy hardwood, original excellent condition, $1350.



 Vintage settee from an old Hollywood Rancho, c.1930's, rebuilt from the frame up, with new vintage Pendleton blanket upholstery & wonderful reapplied original fringe & trim, 48" long x 24"d x 37"h, $3850.



Vintage Rancho armchair, c. 1930's, rebuilt from the frame up, with new vintage camp blanket upholstery and reapplied original fringe & trim, 28"w x 24"d x 38"h, $2950.



Vintage & all original Thomas Molesworth dining table set, one of his first, from a ranch in Wyoming.
c.1929, 12' long x 4' wide, with the original leather top, 
wrought-iron stretcher base with a cattle brand, and 12 matching 
original dining chairs with red leather seats, all excellent condition.  Sold.


Extremely rare antique folk-art totem pole, 14' high, c.1890, carved fox, beaver, bear, etc. with a large spotted owl at the top, signed & dated by a Chippewa chief,  original painted finish with great color, excellent original condition.      Sold 



Wonderful bronze table lamp/sculpture with an Indian Camp motif, c.1930's, 24"h x 12d" base. Thick stained glass inserts in the base & shade that are  back-lit. $2850.





Stunning picture frame, c.1930's, created by well known Navajo artist Will Evans, framing an original pencil sketch, also c.1930's, by Taos artist Oden Hullenkremer, 19"h x 17"w, $3250.




Antique original poster "St. Moritz", c. 1930's, 25"w x 40"h, linen backed, excellent condition, gorgeous color! $1650.




Vintage rustic fly fishing painting, oil on canvas in the original Old Hickory frame, c. 1960, 35"w x 28"h, signed Ray Bricault,  $950.



Elegant, beautifully carved antique totem, N.W. coast, c.1920's, 13 1/2" h, original excellent condition with great color,  $950.




Antique oil painting of a California high-mountain scene, c.1910, painted on a 30"w thin slice of Redwood with a 4"w Redwood frame with mitered corners, 53"w x 30"h, Sold. 



Huge & gorgeous antique crystal lamp with leather shade, 43"h, mint condition, $2450.



Lovely antique silk "Crazy Quilt", c. 1930's, 68" x 68", excellent condition, great wall hanging, $750.






Antique folk art oil painting, signed G.H.Gunderson, c.1930, 48"w x 60"h, original old gold frame with brass plaque "Bear Tooth Mountain, Red lodge, Montana"  $3250.



Vintage Campfire Girls ceremonial dress with colorful wood & glass beadwork and leather applique, 40"long, includes a red bamboo hanging rod.  $350.




Wonderful antique Bavarian castle diorama c.1900, 26"w x 19"h x 4"d, great detail with a stream & woodland creatures peaking through the trees.  $850.