Bonnie SherwoodWhile living in Aspen, Colorado for over 20 years, I maintained an Interior Design office, Sherwood Design Company, & decorated homes for many people from all over the country & the world, in both Aspen & Beaver Creek.


The Great Camp Collection, Lodge & Ranch Home Furnishings, was created following my design of several lodge & ranch furniture pieces for some of my clients.  One piece in particular, a Thomas Molesworth inspired upholstered lounge chair, became especially popular after my photographer submitted a CD of that chair to Architectural Digest and they chose to feature it as an editorial endorsement in June, 2003.  Harper's Bazaar magazine followed with another large full-color endorsement.  Receiving National recognition from those two icons was fabulous, and one person who contacted me as a result of it is someone I am still working with today, many years later. 


Working on one beautiful Aspen residence, my clients also retained me to design the interiors of a 1927 Palm Beach Villa on 7 acres they had also just purchased.  When visiting that property with them once, they asked if I could take the time to fly to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands where they maintained their 65 ft. yacht, The Lotus, with crew of six awaiting, and cruise for a few days to some of the other islands.  ( I'll see if I can fit that in!)  We had lots to discuss regarding their properties and it would give us a chance to do that & they also wanted some input on the interiors of their boat.  They were young & fun, & among my client favorites.


My husband was a successful Aspen architect who had over 15 employees at one time.  He was hired as the architect for The Charter Hotel in Beaver Creek several years ago, the largest & most expensive project in the state at that time.

The developer had constructed a large tennis bubble sales facility & hired me to do the interiors.  He also had constructed two different two-bedroom residences as model units meant to tempt potential buyers of 38 units that were to be sold as condominiums.   My competition to do the interiors of those two units was the largest interior design firm in Denver, & the developer initially hired them - then  didn't like what they had done & hired me to completely redo it all!  A plum project - the only thing was I had only a matter of weeks to get it all done before a big televised opening Christmas party with the State Govenor attending.   Several of the custom pieces had to be airfreighted to arrive on time, but it was finished on schedule & the developer was very happy.


I love antique totem poles and have found several amazing totems over the years.  I had one beautiful vintage large wall-hung totem, approximately 5 ft. tall with a 5 ft. wingspan with wonderful carving & color, that went on the knotty pine paneled wall of Prince Bandar's 500 acre Aspen ranch pool house - he was the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the U.S. at the time.   He eventually sold that property & I wonder where that totem is now?  Probably still there, or who knows?  It was such an iconic American piece, maybe he took it back to his homeland with him.


The Great Camp Collection has now evolved into my Website Gallery, offering lodge & ranch artwork, antique folk art, accessories, lighting, & unique pieces of antique furniture.


I hope you enjoy it!  Thank you so much for visiting!  Please feel free to call me or email if you have any questions.


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