Bonnie Sherwood

While living in Aspen, Colorado for 20 years, I maintained an Interior Design office, & decorated homes for many people from all over the world, in both Aspen & Beaver Creek.


Working on one beautiful Aspen residence, my clients also retained me to design the interiors of a 1927 Palm Beach Villa on 7 acres they had also just purchased.  When visiting that property with them once, they asked if I could take the time to fly to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands where they maintained their 80 ft. yacht, The Lotus, with crew of six awaiting, and cruise for a few days to some of the other islands.  (Oh well, OK, I'll see if I can fit that in!)  We had many things to discuss regarding their properties, and it would give us a chance to do that, & they also wanted some input on the interiors of their boat!   They were young, adventuresome & fun, & among my client favorites, but I was lucky to have had many great clients over the years.


Another time while working on a large & lovely Aspen home for some of the nicest people you can imagine, my clients decided a trip to Santa Fe to see the progress on a few pieces of custom cabinetry we were having built there would be fun, and asked me to charter a private plane so the three of us could fly there within the next day or two.  So nice!  But getting real, that flight was undoubtedly the worst flight I have ever experienced!  The turbulence was so bad I thought the plane was going to be ripped apart for sure & we all felt like kissing the ground when we finally landed!  Three days in lovely Santa Fe restored our equilibrium nicely though, and the flight home was beautiful & perfect.


One other residential project was proceeding smoothly when my client decided he wanted to throw a big party about a month before the anticipated completion date.  I knew the custom, made-to-order pieces would probably be ready, but many items were to be shipped to us & there was no way the normal shipping process would ever get everything to us in time.  The only solution was to have several of the pieces air freighted into Aspen, & even then the timing would be tight.  He agreed to the considerable extra expense, and 2 days before his party, all furnishings were in place & artwork hung.  My client  was happy!   My crew & I were exhausted!!


Sherwood Business Card

My husband was a successful Aspen architect, who had over 15 employees at one time.  He was hired as the architect for The Charter Hotel in Beaver Creek, the largest & most expensive project at that time  in the state.  The developer hired me to furnish the interiors of two model units they had constructed with their sales facility, and as a result of that, I was retained to decorate the interiors of several two-bedroom condominium units at The Charter for the new private owners.


The Great Camp Collection, Mountain Lodge & Ranch Home Furnishings, was created following my design of several high-style rustic furniture pieces that became very popular.  One piece in particular, a Thomas Molesworth inspired upholstered lounge chair, became especially desirable after my photographer submitted a CD of that chair to Architectural Digest and they chose to feature it as an editorial endorsement in June, 2003.  Harper's Bazaar magazine soon followed.  Getting National recognition from those giants was remarkable, and one person who contacted me as a result of it is someone I am still working with today, many years later.


The Great Camp Collection has now evolved into my Website Gallery, offering antique & vintage high-style rustic artwork from the Adirondacks & the West, folk art, rustic accessories, lighting, antique Old Hickory, and other unique antique rustic furniture pieces.


I hope you enjoy it, & please feel free to call me or email if you have any questions!